Loyalty: Choosing My Boss Over Chevron

I recently recalled about a time when I almost got an internship at Chevron Geothermal Philippines. I was about to graduate I believe but I was working under Dr. Rodolfo “NONOY” Tamayo, Jr. as his student assistant. I was excited about the idea of working for a well-known company not just in the Philippine but also abroad. I remember asking him for permission to go to the interviews because I wanted the experience of job searching and so on. He even looked at me funny and said: “You are leaving me?” In my memories, I think he was amused and may have been slighted by my suggestion. I was just being honest and I didn’t think I could get it anyway so I just wanted to try.

I believe a lot of us (my fellow batch mates from NIGS) applied for it but only two were asked to proceed with a test and a quick interview. I had to go to a place in Makati where I sat in front of a computer for a bit as it tested me if I was a good fit with the company. Next, I was briefly interviewed by a recruiter who even admittedly said he doesn’t know anything about geology. This allowed me to explain what I have done as simple as I could without overwhelming him with technical information. It was a fun experience and it turned out great because I got the call for the last interview during a fieldwork in Mindoro.

Of course, I said yes and inside I was actually excited to have the possibility of being a summer intern at Chevron. Flash forward to a couple of days before the interview, I was told by my boss that we had to finish a project report on the same day as my interview. I was dumbfounded. I didn’t say anything to him. I just thought it long and hard before calling the Chevron contact. I apologized sincerely though she seemed mad over the phone that I suddenly had a prior commitment even when I accepted the interview offer. I just politely said that I truly wanted to be an intern at Chevron however a new opportunity (being Doc Nonoy’s student assistant) came while I was waiting for weeks about the internship. This was the truth and there wasn’t much I can do about it. Thinking about it now I could have asked if it was possible to move the interview date. However, I didn’t and I lost that opportunity. What is funny is that my boss didn’t finish the report that day. Ironically enough, I could have just gone for the short interview and helped him with the report after. LOL

A few weeks or months later, I was asked by Dr. Dimalanta, our lab supervisor:

“Why did you not go to the interview at Chevron?”

I looked at her and said in a nonchalant way:

“You see, boss Nonoy needed me.”

She looked at me for more information and so I added:

“We had a project report due that day so I chose not to go because he is after all my boss/employer at that time.”

I didn’t regret my decision because I believe it was important to be there when your current boss needs you. Would I have changed my mind? Probably not. Would I have wanted another chance to go to the last interview? Yes I would like to have understood what they saw in me as an intern candidate. I would have liked to learn a lot about working in a geothermal facility but I will never trade my experience under Dr. Nonoy’s tutelage and working with Rushurgent Working Group Laboratory. They have helped me to become the person I am today.

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