“God and My Family on Earth”

I just realized that no matter what the occasion is my dad Boy Canto will always look good. He always dressed prim and proper. Only at home will he look like a tambay (street kid) but when he goes out of the house, he looks like a professional. I think that is something that I never appreciated until now when I hint at Big Zippy Brad to dress nicer on casual days. I have always appreciated my dad’s wit and his God-given talent to make me laugh despite everything. I am glad I have inherited both. He used to have quite the temper and would road rage but I do that too. Some people are just really bad at driving and you can’t help but be angry at these road bullies. My palangga (love) would just remind me it’s not worth our lives to get into a car crash and to just let it go. Thinking about it, his words has always calmed me down. I wish I had my sister Nicole Canto’s coin where it said: “Don’t fly faster than your angels can fly.”

I am glad I now have the ability to fly and yet still stay grounded like how my mom Elizabeth Chiongson, brother RF Chiongson Canto, and sister Marites Canto would always remind me. Thank you Lord for my wonderful family and friends who have stayed by me and prayed for me when I needed them the most.

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